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Beach Match Report – Holland on Sea – 17th December 2017

A frozen beach greeted Braintree Sea Angling Club members when they arrived for their latest match at Holland-on-Sea.  Fishing was slow with a few whiting and the occasional dab and small bass taking the mainly lugworm baits.  Although the day eventually warmed slightly it only brought rain no improvement in the fishing.  At the end of the day it was close with Barrie Senior securing a win with a catch of 20 whiting and 3 dabs for 262 points.  Paul Drake had 24 whiting and a dab for 255 points. In third spot was Graham Nash with 106 points from his catch of 6 whiting, 2 bass, 3 rockling and a dab.  Wednesday 27th at Walton pier will be the last match of the year.

Boat Match Report – West Mersea on Enterprise – November 2017

The last Club boat match of the year was held mid-week fishing out from West Mersea on the charter boat Enterprise.  Whiting were the main catch with some dogfish, thornback rays and pout, no cod. Barrie Senior won the match with 51 points.  Second was Graham Nash with 41 points and third spot went to Paul Hart with 28 points. Third place together with his wins from the previous boat matches was enough to secure Paul the Bolduc Cup for best boat angler.

Match Report – EFSA Wales Cod Championship

Five of Braintree Sea Angling Club members made the annual pilgrimage north to fish the EFSA Wales Cod Championship in the river Mersey estuary.  On day one the anglers were plagued by whiting and only few cod were caught.  Barrie Senior managed a couple which put him into third place.  Day two unfortunately was cancelled due to bad weather so Barrie’s third place was not challenged and gave him the bronze pin.

Match Report – Orfordness – October 22nd 2017

Six members of Braintree Sea Angling Club braved the strong winds and travelled to Orfordness for their latest match fishing for the Braintree & Witham Times cup.  Conditions were better than expected with the wind coming just off the land and plenty of colour in the water.  The anglers were soon into fish with a steady stream of whiting being caught along with the occasional dogfish all through the match.

At the final count on this catch and return match it was Barrie Senior who secured victory with 1,485 points from his catch of 3 codling, 8 dogfish, 1 thornback ray, I dab, 1 pout and 61 whiting.  In second place was Paul Drake with 6 dogfish, 1 thornback, 2 pout and 55 whiting for 1,065 points.  Third spot went to Chris Bull with 866 points from a catch of 2 dogfish, 2 thornbacks, 3 pout, 1 dab and 39 whiting

Match Report – Aldeburgh – 19th August

Aldeburgh was the venue for Braintree Sea Angling Club’s last match in the Summer League and fishing for the Alf Reed Cup.  Conditions were good for the match but the fish thought otherwise with only a few small fish caught mainly pin whiting.  Paul Drake managed to find a couple of other species and consolidated his lead in the League with another win catching 4 whiting, 1 smoothhound and a dogfish for 72 fish points.  Barrie Senior took second place with 6 whiting for 62 points and Robin Joy was 3rd with 50 points. Final results for the Summer League 1st Paul Drake, 2nd Barrie Senior 3rd Robin Joy, 4th Chris Leonard, 5th Chris Bull.

Boat Match Report – Out of West Mersea on the Enterprise

Smooth Alan

Braintree Sea Angling club had two matches this week the first a mid-week charter boat trip out of West Mersea on Enterprise.  It was a grey and windy day but the eight anglers were soon anchored up to the west of the Gunfleet.  Fishing was slow with a few smoothhounds and thornback rays being caught several fish not making the size limit.  Paul Hart won the boat with 2 smoothhounds, 1 thornback and an eel.  Second place went to Alan Porter 3 smoothhounds and a 2lb 4oz tub gurnard. Third spot was taken by Barrie Senior with a smoothhound and a thornback ray.

Match Report – Holland on Sea – 5th August

Braintree Sea Angling Club members were at Holland-on-Sea for their latest Summer League match.  The heavy rain had cleared and the angling took place in calm seas with a very light breeze.  Fishing was very slow with a few whiting and eels caught by most.  The best fish was a 2 ½ lb bass caught by Barrie Senior which together with an eel and two whiting gave him a match winning score of 147 fish points.  Second place with 134 points from his catch of 2 whiting, 1 bass, 1 eel, 1 codling and a 35cm sole was Paul Drake.  Robin Joy took third spot with 6 whiting for 81 points.  With one match remaining in the Summer League  Paul Drake leads with 25 match points ahead of Chris Leonard with 21 points.


Match Report – Walton Beach – 9th July

Summer League evening match on Walton beach.  The rain showers must have put off the fish as only two anglers caught sizeable fish although several very small bass were caught.  First place went to Barrie Senior with 2 eels, a sole and a bass for 75 fish points and Robin Joy was runner up with 2 dabs for 20 points.

Match Report – Samphire Hoe – 23rd April

Samphire Hoe made up of the spoil from the Chanel Tunnel excavations was the site for Braintree Sea Angling club members latest match.  Fishing from the sea wall in to a calm sea wrasse were soon being caught from the rocks most didn’t make the minimum size limit but over the day a number did make the grade. At the end of the match Barrie Senior had winkled out 17 sizeable wrasse and 2 pout for 222 fish points to take first place.  In second place was Chris Leonard who had 139 points from his catch of 10 wrasse.  Paul Drake had 9 wrasse for 103 points and third spot.

Charter Match Report – April 2nd – Enterprise – West Mersea

Seven Braintree Sea Angling Club members boarded the charter boat Enterprise at West Mersea for their first boat match of the year in misty conditions.  Skipper Chris Mole navigated through the mist and anchored at a mark somewhere near the wind farm.  The fish were feeding from the start with Paul Hart catching the first thornback ray within 10 minutes.  A gradual trickle of whiting, rays and dogfish were caught throughout the day, although a lot of the whiting failed to make the minimum size limit.  It was close match with Paul and Alan Porter vying for the lead for most of the day.  At the close of play it was Paul who took the honours with 6 thornbacks, 5 dogfish and 3 whiting. Alan came second with 6 thornbacks, 3 dogfish and 2 whiting.  Third spot went to Chris Bull with 6 thornbacks and 4 whiting.  Barrie Senior had the largest fish with his 59cm thornback.