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2019 Cup Presentation

Presentation of the Cup Winners at The Eagle in Coggeshall Road. 

It was a good night for Paul Drake who took home the majority of the trophies including the Senior Points cup awarded to the most consistent match man over the year. 

Paul accumulated 105 match points with runner-up Graham Nash only managing 56 points.

Barrie Senior took the Bolduc Cup with 23 match points from the three club boat matches over the year.

The Mick Allen Shield fished for over two night matches went to Paul Drake with 16 points. 

Paul Drake also won the Summer League series with a total of 18 points.  

Other cups presented were:

Alf Huit Cup, Graham Nash, 289 fish points Aldeburgh 7 June

Braintree & Witham Times Cup, Paul Drake, 606 fish points Denge Marsh 4 February

Jimmy Turner Shield, Paul Drake, 660 fish points Shingle Street 7 October

Bert Finch Cup, Barrie Senior 229 fish points Pevensey 15 April;

Alf Reed Cup, Paul Drake, 764 fish points Holland-on-Sea 9 December;

Solly Brewer Cup, Paul Drake, 46 fish points Aldeburgh 28 July;

Roker Cup, for the biggest thornback ray, Robin Joy and Barrie Senior both having caught rays of 60cm across the wings;

Barnard Flatfish Cup, Chris Leonard with a dab of 30cm, Denge Marsh 4 February;

Cod Cup, Paul Drake, 40cm fish Holland-on-Sea 1 December;

Whiting Cup, Chris Leonard and Barrie Senior 34cm fish;

Bass Cup, Barrie Senior 31cm fish Holland-on-Sea 1 December.

2019 Cup Presentation

AGM – 3rd November

Please be advised that the AGM is on 3rd November so the ordinary meeting will start at the earlier time of 20.00

If you have any proposals to be discussed at the AGM please email the secretary by 30th October for inclusion in the Agenda.

Likewise should anyone wish to stand up or down from any of the officers positions in the club please advise

Presentation Evening 2014

Please see the photos from the evening .DSC09330 DSC09331 DSC09332 DSC09333 DSC09334 DSC09335 DSC09336 DSC09338 DSC09339 DSC09340 DSC09341 DSC09342 DSC09343

The winners were:

Braintree& Witham Times Cup – chris Leonard

Jimmy Turner Shield – Barrie Senior

Alf Huit Cup – Kevin Thorpe

Bert Finch Cup – Robin Joy

Alf Reed Cup – Barrie Senior

Bolduc Cup – Alan Porter

Solly Brewer Cup – Matt Buggs

Roker Cup – Alan Porter 58cm

Barnard Flatfish Cup – Barry Tankard, 30cm dab

Cod Cup – Paul Drake, 43cm

Whiting Cup – joint winners Paul Drake & Robin Joy, 34cm

Bass Cup – joint winners Matt Buggs, Paul Drake, Kevin Thorpe, 40cm

Mick Allen Shield – Robin Joy, 18 points

Summer League – Robin Joy, 52 points

Senior Points Cup – Paul Drake, 120 points

Senior Points Runner Up – Robin Joy 52 points.

In Memory of Jimmy Turner


Jimmy was one of the original founding members of the club.  A well respected and very accomplished fisherman holding all of the club trophies on numerous occasions over the years.
Jimmy worked tirelessly for the club not only as President.  He personally sponsored the Jimmy Turner Shield and avidily supported the Gerry Armstrong Memorial, a boat competition in honour of a former member and friend of his.
His enthusiasm for the sport and the club shone through in everything he did being both competitive and inspiring.
Jimmy will be sadly missed by all and our condolences go out to his family.