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Match Report – 30th December – Sizewell Beach

just imagine it, Sizewell beach and the main protagonists face to face in the last match of the year, other than Tim the rest of the club had bottled out, no doubt having their annual bath or washing their hair.

The wind was coming from the south west and the sea was reasonably calm bearing in mind the battle that laid ahead. The sun was shining and the thronging crowds could see every twitch, every drop of sweat and every rockling, believe me there were lots of them.

The battle was over the top, 3 hours up, 3 hours down and no prisoners were taken alive. Most fish came on the flood with a drop in the catch over the top and the first hour down before picking up again at the end.

Blow by blow, fish by fish, dripping nose by dripping nose the battle was fought, it was exhausting, no time for coffees, lunch or helping Tim when his brolly flew majestically into the North Sea pirouetting before landing nose first in the aqua and drifting into some other poor anglers line. The good news is he got it back, the bad news is that it needs some tlc before it can be used again.

Over 100 dabs in all with a splattering of whiting plus a pout and a bass and lots of rockling. Biggest dab caught by Robin 27cm.