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Match Report – St Osyth – Venue changed to Half Penny Pier Harwich

Our latest match was due to be at St Osyth but on arrival found that the direction of a very onshore blustery strong wind would have made the fishing at least very uncomfortable if not impossible. After a little discussion a backup location of Half Penny Pier at Harwich was decided upon. On arrival all anglers setup with one rod as just after we arrived a tug decided to moor up alongside restricting the fishing space.   The fishing started slow and remained so all match although a lot more comfortable than St Osyth would have been.  Colin Crocker managed to win the match with a pair of eels just ahead of Robin who also caught a small flounder with his 2 eels.  The only other species caught was a Whiting and a Skeleton fish ???? see pics below.  Left it in too long and very hungry crabs I guess……

BSAC H Penny PierBSAC H Penny Pier 2013

BSAC H Penny Pier Skeleton FishBSAC H Penny Pier Skeleton Fish 2