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Match Report – 15th December – Walton Pier

BSAC members fished Walton Pier along with about 20 Maldon anglers and about 20 others, a very busy pier.

We started in sunshine and very little wind but soon clouds came over and wind got up and it was getting colder. We finished in near gales but at least the rain had eased up by then.

The sea was nicely coloured and reasonably calm even though the wind and ebb tide were in the same direction. One Direction were playing on the Pier sound system and soon the rod tips were dancing in time with the music. Small whiting were soon coming out followed by more small whiting then even more small whiting, the odd small pout, small codling and even a small dab, somewhere in the middle a 43cm codling also came out about an hour after high tide. Good news not a rockling in sight!
With high tide at 10am we fished 1 hour up, over the top and 5 hours down.
1 Paul 268 points (28 fish) codling/whiting/pout/dab
2 Chris 106 points (11 fish) codling/whiting
3 Barry 100 points (5 fish) whiting/pout
4 Robin 50 points (7 fish) whiting/codling (boy did they put up a fight!)
numerous other undersized fish

Match Report – 1st December – Aldeburgh Sluice

For the 2nd leg of the Mick Allen Shield Braintree Sea Angling Club members travelled to Aldeburgh.  Fishing a rising tide with plenty of colour in the water and a light north westerly wind cod were the target species.  Despite their best efforts the anglers could only find small whiting, dab and a pout.  It was Robin Joy who took first place with his bag of whiting and dab for 160 fish points.  Paul Drake took second spot with his catch of whiting for 123 fish points.  In third place was Steve Andrews with whiting and pout for 61 fish points.  It was honours shared for the Shield over the two legs with both Paul and Robin having accumulated 18 match points each Dominica . adsense protection .