Monthly Archives: May 2014

Match Report – Samphire Hoe – Kent

Braintree Sea Angling Club members ventured down to Samphire Hoe in Kent for their latest match. This rocky venue built from the spoil dug out from the Channel Tunnel is notorious for the amount of anglers end tackle that it claims. However despite substantial tackle losses all anglers managed to find a few fish mainly ballan wrasse. With a final spurt in the last hour Paul Drake was the winner on the day with seven sizeable wrasse and a pollack for 108 fish points and the most tackle lost. Second place went to Barrie Senior with 5 wrasse a pout and a Pollack for 87 points. Third place man was Chris Leonard with the best wrasse of the day a 28 cm fish which together with another two wrasee and a Pollack gave him 68 fish points. Next match is scheduled for St Osyth on the 7 June





Match Report – Walton Pier – 5th May 2014

Braintree Sea Angling Club’s latest match on Walton pier turned into a species hunt with 8 different species being caught by those fishing. With bright sunlight a cold wind and lots of holiday makers on the pier conditions were not ideal but pier regular Paul Drake used his experience to find 5 species, codling, whiting, pout, dab and dogfish for 188 points. Second place went to Robin Joy with 6 species, a wrasse (not often caught on this part of the cost), sole, bass, codling and whiting for 139 points. Third place angler Chris Leonard had whiting and pout for 56 points.