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Match Report – Sizewell – 25th January

Sizewell was the venue for Braintree Sea Angling Clubs latest match.   With a light breeze on their backs the anglers were into fish from the start with only a slight let up over high tide.  With plenty of fish being caught, many undersized, it was Paul Drake that capitalised on the bonanza with 34 dabs, 18 whiting and a rockling for 473 fish points.  Second place went to Steve Andrews with 324 fish points from his catch of 21 dabs, 9 whiting, 5 rockling and 3 flounders.  Alan porter took third place with 14 dabs, 5 whiting, 7 rockling and a plaice for 254 fish points.

Match Report – Aldeburgh – 4th January 2015

Arriving on a frozen beach at Aldeburgh for the first match of the year the anglers set up with a light wind over their shoulders and a slight swell on the sea.  Fishing was mixed with a couple of anglers finding a steady stream of fish and the others struggling to catch. It was close at the top with 280 points from a mixed bag of whiting, codling, dab, sole and rockling for Paul Drake just edging out Steve Andrews on 278 points from his catch of whiting, codling, dab and rockling.  Robin Joy took third place with 46 points.


Match Report – Walton Pier – 29th December

 Braintree Sea Angling Club anglers were busy after Christmas fishing the last match of 2014 on Walton Pier and the first match of 2015 at Aldeburgh.  The Walton match was fished during the evening on a frosty pier.  Fishing was slow with whiting making up most of the catches with a few codling also fancying the lug and squid baits.  Chris Leonard took the honours and a bottle of whisky with thirteen whiting, a codling and a rockling for 205 fish points.  Second place went to Barrie Senior with six whiting, two codling and a rockling for 191 fish points.  Third spot was taken by Kevin Thorpe with ten whiting and a codling for 175 fish points. 

Walton Pier 29th Dec 2014 BSAC Walton Pier 29th Dec 2014 BSAC

Match Report – Dunwich – 21st December

Braintree Sea Angling club’s penultimate match of the year was fished at Dunwich.  With a strong offshore wind casting wasn’t a problem but finding fish was.  It was a slow day with the mainly pin whiting being caught.  However birthday boy Paul Drake was able to celebrate with a win as in addition to 18 whiting he had a small a codling and a dab for 281 fish points.  Second spot went to Barrie Senior with 15 whiting for 166 fish points.  Robin Joy was third with 12 whiting for 144 fish points.  The last match of the year which is to be fished on Walton Pier on 29 December will decide the 2014 championship as Robin is ahead of Paul by just 5 match points so needs to be in the top four position to remain ahead.