Monthly Archives: February 2015

Match Report – Aldeburgh – 22nd Feb

Braintree Sea Angling Club members were greeted with a strong cold South South Westerley wind when they arrived at Aldeburgh for their latest match. The fishing on the flood was poor with only a few pin whiting taking the baits most of these not making the minimum size.  When the tide turned the fishing picked up a bit but the wind got stronger making distance casting more difficult.  Although there were more fish the majority were still undersize.  Barrie Senior managed to find a number of sizeable fish with a  catch of nine whiting, five dabs, one flounder and a pout for 163 fish points to take the match.  Second place man Paul Drake had 65 fish points from his catch of five whiting, one rockling and a dab. Robin Joy had one whiting, one rockling and a dab for 25 fish points to take third spot.