Monthly Archives: October 2015

Match Report – Mick Allen Shield – Aldeburgh – October 24th

Braintree Sea Angling Club members fished the first leg of the Mick Allen Shield at Aldeburgh, Thorpeness end.  The rain held off for the first hour and with an offshore breeze the anglers were soon catching whiting.  The rain when it came did not put of the fish and a steady stream of whiting were caught throughout the evening with a few other species putting in an appearance.

Back at the car park it was Paul Drake that had recorded the most fish and the most points with 57 whiting and a rockling for 821 fish points.  Second place went to Chris Leonard with 792 fish points from his mixed bag of 40 whiting, 1 dab, 1 dogfish and a 54 cm cod, the best fish of the evening.  Third place was taken by Barrie Senior with 50 whiting and a sole for 726 fish points.

The second leg has been rescheduled to be fished at Aldeburgh dirty wall instead of Dunwich on 7 November.

Match Report – Shingle Street – October

Shingle Street was the venue for Braintree Sea Angling Clubs latest match.  Conditions were not perfect although there was plenty of colour in the water the strong on shore wind made distance casting difficult.  The fishing was slow for most of the day with the occasional whiting beating the voracious crabs to the bait. The ebb tide saw five cod in the 3 to 4 ½ lb range landed.  Paul Drake took the honours with twelve whiting and two cod for 460 fish points. Second place was Robin Joy with four whiting and two cod for 373 fish points.  Barrie Senior was in third spot with 342 fish points from his catch of ten whiting and one cod.


Match Report – Orfordness – September

Bright sunshine and a strong easterly breeze greeted Braintree Sea Angling Club members as they caught the ferry at Orford to take them down river to fish their latest match off the Orfordness shingle bank.  Although not the best conditions for sea angling whiting, pout and a few small bass were caught on the rising tide.  As the tide turned some of the anglers were plagued with undersize pout but as the tide eased the whiting began to feed again along with a few dogfish and a couple of codling.  Whilst waiting for the return ferry the points were added up  and in first place was Barrie Senior with 571 fish points from his catch of 26 whiting, 6 pout, 3 dogfish and an eel.  Second place went to Paul Drake with 17 whiting, 4 pout, and one each of cod, dogfish and dab for 384 fish points.  Chris Leonard was third with 300 fish points from his catch of 12 whiting, 3 pout, 1 cod and a dogfish.  Robin Joy had the best fish of the day a cod of 52cm.