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Match Report – Orfordness – October 22nd 2017

Six members of Braintree Sea Angling Club braved the strong winds and travelled to Orfordness for their latest match fishing for the Braintree & Witham Times cup.  Conditions were better than expected with the wind coming just off the land and plenty of colour in the water.  The anglers were soon into fish with a steady stream of whiting being caught along with the occasional dogfish all through the match.

At the final count on this catch and return match it was Barrie Senior who secured victory with 1,485 points from his catch of 3 codling, 8 dogfish, 1 thornback ray, I dab, 1 pout and 61 whiting.  In second place was Paul Drake with 6 dogfish, 1 thornback, 2 pout and 55 whiting for 1,065 points.  Third spot went to Chris Bull with 866 points from a catch of 2 dogfish, 2 thornbacks, 3 pout, 1 dab and 39 whiting