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Match Report – Sizewell – February 2018

we fished Sizewell today, with the wind over our right shoulders off the land and a lot of sunshine it was a pleasant day  with good weather, good conditions, good bait and good company what could go wrong?

it turned out however to be a quiet day, even the seagulls were quiet, they had flown to Denge Marsh thinking we had rescheduled the match against all the odds three elite sea anglers from the National Braintree Sea Angling squad took on the hard fighting dabs of Sizewell in a
head to head battle that left no punches pulled, coming out on top to eclipse any double world gold medal in the winter Olympics.

Dab for dab the match started out slowly, slowing down somewhat in the middle then then petering out all together until the turn of the tide then like a tour de France rider with a dodgy jiffy bag Robin ‘he’s one of our own’ Joy gave the dabs a good bashing with 26 straight victories
bettered only by doffing up a monster rockling giving him a total of 27 fish for 179 points.

Graham ‘coat hanger rig’ Nash also gave the dabs no quarter with whiting and rockling also not able to escape the inevitable end for a total of 111 points from 15 fish.

Squeezed in the middle between the above two lotharios was El Drako with 19 fish for 125 points and no passes.

Numerous undersize dabs, whiting, rockling and bass were caught, should we reduce the limit to 12 cm to give these fish a fair chance?

Call the Midwife is about to start so I must dash


1) Robin 27 fish 179 points

2) Paul 19 fish 125 points

3) Graham 15 fish 111 points

all 3 had a fish of 24cm so prize for longest fish shared

dab 24 cm Robin & Paul

whiting 24 cm Graham

rockling 21 cm Robin ( it looked a lot bigger than 21 cm to me)

Match Report – Dengie March January 2018

47 hardy Braintree anglers fished Denge Marsh today to avoid the biting onshore winds on the east coast.  A fierce battle soon ensued, squeezing in amongst the World Dab Championship anglers was tough going 2 of the regular squad, messrs Leonard and Drake set up in front of the Nuclear Power Station about 65 paces from the water’s edge why so far up you may ask, I had my fitbit on and was trying to get my steps up, 65 paces to the water at the start and it did not improve quickly either with a dusting of snow and sleet in the air it was a tad chilly for us oldtimers but at least it was coming over our backs casting was easy but there were a lot of snags to contend with as we both found out to our cast fish however soon started coming in and although mainly whiting and dabs there were a number of rockling, a pout, a bass. a plaice and a doggie only two of the anglers found their way back to the team headquarters with a ll others being disqualified for poor timekeeping.

In second place with 49 counting fish was Chris with 464 points

In first place with 57 counting fish was Drako with 606 points

Dab 30 Chris

Whiting 30 Chris

Rockling 22 Paul

Pout 18 Chris

Bass 23 Chris

Plaice 28 Paul

Doggie 45 Paul

E & O E ( and a few porkies)

The Denge Roving Reporter