Monthly Archives: February 2019

Beach Match – Sizewell – 10th February

The dabs were feeding well when Braintree Sea Angling Club members fished their recent match at Sizewell.  With an offshore wind casting was easy but the rain and cold squally winds for most of the day made fishing uncomfortable.  In addition to the dabs a few whiting were caught but most failed to meet the 18cm minimum size. With 41 dabs and 3 whiting Barrie Senior came out on top with 375 points. Second place went to Paul Drake with 286 points from his catch of 32 dabs and 5 whiting.  Chris Bull was third with 30 dabs and 4 whiting for 281 points.  Chris also had the best fish a 28cm dab.

Beach Match – February -Dungeness

Braintree Sea Angling Club members went to Dungeness for their latest match.  Results were varied with a couple of the anglers finding fish and the others struggling in the sunny but cool conditions.  Paul Drake was top rod with 307 points from a catch of 20 dabs, 3 rockling and the best fish of the match a 34cm flounder. In second place was Chris Leonard with 16 dabs and a whiting for 154 points.  Graham Nash was third a whiting and a dab for 28 points.