Beach Match – 9th December – Holland on Sea

Match Report direct from our roving reporter (and erstwhile fisherman – apparently)

After Chris had personally phoned Michael Fish and who in turn had threatened, Hurricanes, Tornados and Blizzards the youngsters from BSAC set out anyway, they were not going to be put off by such idle threats, in the end the weather was as docile as a puppy that had just been neutered. 

The young Mr C decided he would go one better the old King Canute himself and set his brolly up below the high water line, 2 hours later Pickfords were in to help him move further up the beach, then in no time at all the ‘Right Move’ placard was up and he was on the move again, not wanting a third move as this would have been mentioned over sherry at the next BSAC meeting he moved into the front garden of some old dear in Brighton Road who brought him some tea and biscuits.

All this moving and getting snagged up gave him less time to fish unlike the erstwhile Mr D who just dug a trench in front of his bivvy and carried on fishing regardless. 

 With a gentle and steady wind from the nether regions and a flat sea it made fishing easy until the weed arrived, both the big stuff and the horrible small stuff that gets snagged to your leader knot. Fishing in the same bay as Messrs Senior and GNash had done in the previous match it was a whiting a chuck, anywhere from 22cm to 34 cm, nothing undersized for these boys, then a lonesome pout put in an appearance so the whiting did not have it all their own way.

You may think the first day of the January sales is hectic, this is what I call hectic, with all the weed, the dog walkers and trying to measure and record trillions of whiting whilst keeping a tidy scorecard going, I am totally cream crackered.

We need Kev to invent an e scorecard that adds up your points for you! I will get my team to develop a phone app for us 🙂

In second place with over 400 points was the Young King Canute comprising 29 whiting and no passes.

The top angler on the day was The erstwhile Mr D with over 700 points including a killer pout (plus 49 whiting to 34cm)    This was an excellent advert for sea fishing everywhere and leads me to believe everyone however tall should join a sea angling club.

 Bring on the fur and white feather Xmas match on the 27th December