Beach Match – 27th December – Bottle Match

Walton pier was the venue for the last match of the season for Braintree Sea Angling Club members.  With a very light breeze and the grey sky gone it was almost spring like so making a comfortable fish for the seven angler that wanted a change from mince pies and TV.  For the first two hours up to high tide there was little action with only a couple of fish caught.  Once the tide turned the fish came on the feed.  It wasn’t actioned packed but a steady stream of small whiting were caught interspersed with the occasional dab and rockling.  Rolf Marschalek came out on top to win a bottle of scotch for his catch 21 sizeable whiting and 2 rockling for 192 fish points.  Second place went to Barrie Senior with 178 fish points from a catch of 16 whiting, 1 rockling and a dab.  Kevin Thorpe took third spot with 11 whiting and a dab for 115 points.  The best fish, a 31cm whiting, was caught by Paul Drake and won him a bottle of port.