Beach Match Report – Dunwich – 24th Februrary

A report from our on the scene reporter:

2 coffin dodgers from the BSAC Elite squad made a lunch time raid on the Dunwich dabs,  unfortunately, due to the bright sunny weather they saw us coming and swam off in a hurry, even the seal avoided Dunwich as he knew about the fishes travel arrangements.

Off like a whippet called Usain Bolt, Young Robin was first in the blocks, first out of the blocks and was weighing in a treble shot of whiting within a nanosecond of starting, from 50 yards they looked more like rockling all bigger than any previous ones caught this year.

It continued in a similar vein for 6 hours with Young Robin catching monster whiting and monster dabs to 26cm whilst Old Drako could only muster jailbait whiting many of which did not reach 18cm.

After the final whistle sounded Young Robin was seen striding back to the car park carrying his bucket proudly above his head whilst Old Drako was dragging his bucket behind him in the mud.


  1. Young Robin – 17 fish for 134 points (6 W & 11 D)
  2. Old Drako – 12 fish for 88 points (5W & 7D) (all 18.00001cm)

Brilliant sunshine, gentle breeze and no waves to talk about so I won’t mention them

Lots of dog walkers and even some girls swimming in the sea nearby.

Your Roving Reporter Old Drako
ps. I needed a lift home so I thought it best Robin should win!