Beach Match – Summer league – Aldeburgh 15th June 2019

Braintree Sea Angling Club’s first summer league evening  match took place at Aldeburgh.  Although there was a strong wind it came along the beach so didn’t interfere with casting too much.  The first three hours up to high tide were very slow with just a few pin whiting being caught.   When the tide turned and it got dark the whiting really came on to feed with some larger specimens caught along with a few sole.  At the end of the match it was close with Paul Drake taking top spot from a catch of 28 whiting, 1 sole and a small smoothhound for 362 points.  Barrie Senior took second place with 325 points, 24 whiting, 1 sole and an eel.  Third was Chris Leonard with 22 whiting, 1 sole and a smoothhound for 315 points.  Best fish was shared between Paul and Chris both having a 44cm smoothhound.