Match Report – Aldeburgh Sluice – 2nd Feb

as just the two of us Dungeness was given the cold shoulder and we went for a change to the Isle of Fernando, better known as the sluice at Aldeburgh, however the best laid plans of mice and men were soon in a tiz waz as no parking spaces in our usual place. Not to be beaten we parked on the verge further up directly opposite the black post, it is then you realise just how fast Robin is, it is  like watching a mountain goat race up a mountain side to get the last nanny goat on heat.

The skyline was already littered with beach buddies, a bit like a Sioux encampment waiting for the US army led by Custer to come over the horizon, or was the it the expected spring tide they were worried about. Robin set up on top and spent the rest of the day confirming his mountain goat credentials by scrambling up and down the shingle with every cast and ending up with sore calves by the end of the day. Young Drako set up further down the scree and ended up with a wet foot for his troubles when an unexpected wave caught him broadside.

Fishing started off very slow, slowed down further then just about fizzled out all together. We fished 3 up 3 down (9 – 3pm) with a few fish as tide started to ebb, nothing to report really, nothing for the pot, not even any totty on the beach.

1st Paul 78 points (9 fish) (codling, whiting, rockling)

2nd Robin 48 points (4 fish) (ditto)

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