About The Club

Meetings and AGM

The Club meet on the first Monday (the following Monday if a Bank Holiday) of each month to discuss the forth coming matches, arrange bait and transport to the match, and discuss the general running of the Club.

The meetings start at 20:00 and are held at

The Eagle, Coggeshall Road, Braintree, Essex. The Clubs AGM usually takes place in November.

Click for a Map to the Eagle

Club Subscriptions

No joining fee for 2018

Adult £15 per year (Jan – December) Junior/Senior Citizen £7.50 per year (Jan – December)

Match Fees

  • Orford Matches = £9
  • Other Matches = £5
  • Optional Pools = £2
  • Guest Fee = £2 + match fee as above

Boat Matches

With Several members owning their own boats, the Club organise several dingy matches throughout the year. See Club Boat Section

Beach Matches

The beach matches are generally fished over 6 hours with two rods and up-to 3 hooks per rod. There are usually around 2 beach matches per month.

Match Size Limits

The minimum size limits for matches are set at or above those imposed by M.A.F. The fixture list includes several boat matches as a number of members have their own boats. Matches are normally 6 hours with up to 2 rods allowed.

Matches – Points system

Over the Club year points are awarded for fishing beach matches (excluding all-nighters), which go towards a points cup. The points are awarded as follows : 1 point for fishing the match 2 points for weighing in a sizeable fish 7 points for 1st place, 5 points for 2nd place, 4 points for 3rd place, 3 points for 4th place, 2 points for 5th place, 1 point for 6th place.


The majority of the Club’s matches are held along the East Coast and are mainly centered around Orfordness where the Club normally hold at least 2 all night matches. The fixture list includes a number of different venues from shallow sandy beaches to steep shelving shingle beaches and estuary mud flats.