Match Report – Walton Beach – 9th July

Summer League evening match on Walton beach.  The rain showers must have put off the fish as only two anglers caught sizeable fish although several very small bass were caught.  First place went to Barrie Senior with 2 eels, a sole and a bass for 75 fish points and Robin Joy was runner up with 2 dabs for 20 points.

Match Report – Samphire Hoe – 23rd April

Samphire Hoe made up of the spoil from the Chanel Tunnel excavations was the site for Braintree Sea Angling club members latest match.  Fishing from the sea wall in to a calm sea wrasse were soon being caught from the rocks most didn’t make the minimum size limit but over the day a number did make the grade. At the end of the match Barrie Senior had winkled out 17 sizeable wrasse and 2 pout for 222 fish points to take first place.  In second place was Chris Leonard who had 139 points from his catch of 10 wrasse.  Paul Drake had 9 wrasse for 103 points and third spot.

Charter Match Report – April 2nd – Enterprise – West Mersea

Seven Braintree Sea Angling Club members boarded the charter boat Enterprise at West Mersea for their first boat match of the year in misty conditions.  Skipper Chris Mole navigated through the mist and anchored at a mark somewhere near the wind farm.  The fish were feeding from the start with Paul Hart catching the first thornback ray within 10 minutes.  A gradual trickle of whiting, rays and dogfish were caught throughout the day, although a lot of the whiting failed to make the minimum size limit.  It was close match with Paul and Alan Porter vying for the lead for most of the day.  At the close of play it was Paul who took the honours with 6 thornbacks, 5 dogfish and 3 whiting. Alan came second with 6 thornbacks, 3 dogfish and 2 whiting.  Third spot went to Chris Bull with 6 thornbacks and 4 whiting.  Barrie Senior had the largest fish with his 59cm thornback.

Match Report – Orford – 12th March

Braintree Sea Angling Club members caught the ferry over to the island as it known to find calm seas and a hazy sun breaking through.  Using a variety of baits the anglers found small whiting and very small codling with some members also getting a few dogfish.  Paul Drake took first place with his catch of 8 dogfish, 2 codling and 11 whiting for 615 fish points.  Chris Leonard had 4 dogfish, 6 codling, 16 whiting and a rockling for 487 fish points for second place.  In third spot was Robin Joy with 407 points from his catch of 4 dogfish, 3 codling, 14 whiting and a pout.

Match Report – Felixstowe – 26th February

Braintree Se angling Club’s match at Felixstowe was fished in a strong southerly wind making the fishing tough going. With most fish caught on the flood with lots of weed over high water. A lot of the fish were undersize but Paul Drake manged to find more of the bigger fish to take first place with 69 fish points from 9 whiting a small codling. Second spot went to Chris Leonard with 7 whiting for 60 fish points and third was Graham Nash with 6 whiting for 45 points.

Match Report – Aldeburgh – 29th January 2017

A gentle southerly breeze greeted Braintree Sea Angling club members when they arrived at Aldeburgh for their latest match. Fishing was slow and patchy with some finding more than a handful of sizeable fish others struggled. Chris Leonard had 14 fish for 107 fish points. Second place man Paul Hart also had 14 fish but only worth 97 points. In third spot was Paul Drake with 5 fish for 59 points he also had the longest fish a flounder of 30cm.

Match Report -Sizewell – 15th January 2017

Braintree Sea Angling Club’s first match of the year took place at Sizewell in persistent rain.  The aftermath of the recent tidal surge meant large waves hitting this shallow beach and kept the fish offshore. All caught a few fish but it was Club secretary Chris Leonard that got off to a good start for the year with a win from his catch of 8 dab, 2 whiting and a large rockling. Second place went to Robin Joy with 90 points, 7 dab and 4 whiting.  Third place angler was Paul Drake with 10 dab and 1 rockling for 75 points.

Match Report – Walton Pier – 4th December 2016

Walton pier was the venue for the latest Braintree Sea Angling Club match.  Fishing in a cold easterly wind into dusk it was mainly small whiting that took the anglers baits in this catch and release match.  Fishing was steady once the tide turned with an occasional dab or rockling also putting in an appearance.  Barrie Senior took the top spot with 43 sizeable whiting, 1 rockling, 4 dabs and a pout for 555 fish points.  Second place went to Paul Drake with 346 fish points from his catch of 27 whiting, 2 rockling and 3 dabs.  Brian Grundy secured third place with 10 whiting for 137 points.  With just two matches left this year it is close at the top of the beach championships with both Robin Joy and Chris Leonard on 110 match points with Paul Drake lying in third with 105 points. 

Match Report – Shingle Street – 27th November

Shingle Street was the venue for Braintree Sea Angling Club’s latest match.  Fishing an hour of the flood and the rest of the match on the ebb in sunshine and showers whiting were again the main fish caught. Chris Leonard took first place with 534 fish points from his catch of whiting, rockling, dab and a sole of 34cm.  Second place went to Robin Joy with 388 points and Paul Drake 347 points for third spot.

Match Report – Out of West Mersea on the Enterprise – 20th November 2016

Braintree Sea Angling Club’s final charter boat match of the year was fished out of West Mersea on Chris Mole’s Enterprise.  Due to strong south westerly winds the match took place in the estuary where plenty of shelter could be found.  Plenty of whiting were caught with some good size fish in amongst the small ones but no codling or thornbacks which had been expected.  It was a close contest but with half an hour to go it was a battle between Paul Hart and Barrie Senior.  Paul caught a dab which gave him extra species points to put him in the lead Barrie fought back with a double shot of sizeable whiting followed by two more but at lines up he was still one point short.   Paul won the day with 16 whiting, 1 dogfish and a dab for 56 points. Barrie had 20 whiting and a dab for 55 points.  Third place went to Chris Bull with 42 points from his catch of 15 whiting and a pout.  However, Barrie’s second place was enough to put him top spot over the series of boat matches and win the Bolduc Cup with Chris Leonard the runner-up two points behind.